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3D modeling tool that allows you to create 3D models from photos
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3DF Zephyr Pro is a 3D modeling tool that allows you to create 3D models from photos. Using 3DFlow's proprietary reconstruction technology, Zephyr Pro offers a fully automatic approach to transform sets of 2D pictures into three-dimensional models that you can export to all the standard 3D formats and video types. Zephyr will come in handy for all sorts of specialized projects, like architectural modeling, aerial photogrammetry, the video game industry, health services (prosthesis and dental 3D reconstruction, for example), among other areas of expertise.

This powerful tool uses a sophisticated technology that frees the user from manual editing or complex coding operations. The 3D reconstruction is simple; generating a 3D model with Zephyr can be done literally with a few clicks. Expert users are also given the possibility of fully controlling the process, customizing every aspect of the reconstruction phase according to their needs.

The 3D modeling process consists of three phases: Aligning the Cameras, Extracting a Dense Point Cloud, and Extracting a Surface, and starts with the adding of photos. Zephyr will calculate the camera positions and orientations and will try to align them before proceeding to the creation of a dense point cloud and surface generation. The 3D scene is rendered at the center of the screen which you can navigate using any of the two view modes available.

The application provides assistance to the user at every stage of the process by means of wizards and simple instructions, and the possibility of selecting either default settings or user-defined parameters. The photo processing stages are very demanding in terms of system resources and memory. And though the program works on 32-bit processors, 64-bit environments and the use of CUDA can substantially improve its performance.

The program is exceptionally well documented; it comes with a comprehensive help file and extensive documentation like tutorials, guides, and sample files available to download.

3DF Zephyr Pro has a cost of $2,900 and there is a trial version that you can evaluate for as long as you want before you decide to purchase a license.

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  • Powerful, sophisticated tool with a simple approach
  • Fully automatic
  • User-friendly interface
  • A variety of guides and tutorials let users get started right away


  • None but the limitations of the trial
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